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Happiness is a Warm Welcome Home

A fireplace brings warmth to your home’s ambience, in addition to providing heat all year round. A celebration with family and friends is even more enjoyable with a fireplace as a warming gathering point. Couples in search of a romantic setting need venture no further than their own home when it is complete with a fireplace, just perfect.

The list of benefits to having a fireplace goes on and on including:

More Affordable Heating
As utility companies raise their rates, wood is the most inexpensive form of heating fuel, and even more so if you have access to free firewood. Nowadays many homes are depending more on fireplaces and wood burning/ multifuel stoves to help reduce their utility bills. Homes that have a fireplace or stove, enjoy the added benefit of producing significant more heat in their homes and these modern heating sources can be used in place of central heating, which means that utility bills are reduced further.

Using wood to heat your home, reduces your carbon footprint. Whereas fossil fuels release large amounts of carbon when used for heating, wood is carbon neutral. What this means is that firewood releases the same amount of carbon, whether it decays naturally in a forest or is burned in a fireplace. Many of Athena Fireplaces and Stoves fires produce low emissions, to save energy and money, without compromising on design.

Improving Safety
When maintained properly, all fires can be very safe. With Athena Fireplaces and Stoves, you are buying from an experienced family business that genuinely has your interest at heart and will help you choose the right product for you. Our installers are fully HETAS and Gas Safe approved and we are one of few preferred suppliers for the best in class manufactures in the fireplace industry including Chesney’s, Dru, Bellfires, Gazco, Contura, and Dovre, which enables us to you offer you a wide range of stylish energy efficient fires, innovative designs and assurance of a quality product.

Backup Heating and Lighting Source
Most of us have experienced a blackout, and it can be dangerous to lose your heating source during the winter. A fireplace takes away that risk for your family, and allows you to keep warm without electricity. If needed, it can also provide a means to heat water, food and a source of light.

Increase Your Home Value
Pure and simple fireplaces and stoves are inviting, and proven to increase your property value.

No matter what your budget, style or type of heating you prefer, Athena Fireplaces & Stoves, have a fireplace design for you, which will create an atmosphere that is cosy, is affordable to install and use every day, whilst being eco-friendly.

A new fireplace or stove from Athena Fireplaces & Stoves, the experts in heating solutions, is within your reach, with advice from our friendly and experienced team to help you determine your best options and savings based on your lifestyle needs and fuel availability.

Visit our spacious showroom, with over 75 displays, offering a wide choice of fireplaces, gas, electric and solid-fuel fires or visit our website www.athenafireplacesstirling.co.uk to see our extensive range and on-line brochure. You can also find us on Facebook.

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